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October 08 2017

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please please please teach your children to cook while they still live under your roof. even the most elementary things can’t be overlooked. because i just had to show my 24 year old boyfriend how to use a potato peeler and now i need to lay down for an hour

i hate this post because it just proves that like.. no simple statement can just be absorbed and the general population of tumblr go ‘yeah that sounds about right.’ i’ve had nazis say it’s a woman’s job to cook, terfs say that it’s only ‘males’ who don’t know how to cook, people have accused me of being classist because some people don’t own potatio peelers, called a bitch for airing out my boyfriend’s dirty laundry (which if the most embarrassing thing i can procure about the guy is that he’s not great in the kitchen i’d say he’s okay lmao)

just shut up and teach your fucking children to cook holy shit dude

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Windmill from the backyard. PencilTober day 7 lol.

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but tell me you wouldnt wear at least one of these

We who think we are about to die will laugh at anything.

Sam Vimes | Terry Pratchett, Night Watch




October 07 2017

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Have a shitty picture to celebrate me about to destroy these tacos. I survived the gas stove!

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How to catch a fish in 4 easy steps by Nindiri the jaguar (pics by Nancie Cunningham Casey)

Step 1: aAAHHH
Step 2: blorpphpphhh
Step 3: Nommmph
Step 4: Profit

I’ll be honest, I totally didn’t see the fish at first, so I thought the jaguar was just taking a drink. i was sitting here being all like “dang why is this jaguar so Extra that instead of slurping up water like a normal cat it’s gotta BITE THE WATER”

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Pray for me. Its a gas stove. I haven’t cooked on a gas stove in 15 years. Y'all don’t even know, my godmother set the wall on fire one time. I’m gonna die.


Not gonna lie, one of my favorite parts about writing urban fantasy is determining how and where the fantasy meshes in with reality.

Like, I’m not saying Freddie Mercury WAS a siren, but have you ever heard anyone NOT sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody?

I rest my case.

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the what? gay?

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@empanadadooblez 💕❤️💙💕

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Didn’t even know people are not allowed to give blood if they are gay

Yup. In America and several other countries you can be banned for a year for having sex with a man, or having sex with a man who has sex with men. Others you can be banned for life.

As soon as you fill out your paperwork to give blood, it will ask you if you’ve ever been a man who has had intercourse with other men. As soon as the blood bank sees that, even before you get stuck, they will ban you. It’s ridiculous. A year or two ago, there was a bill that was brought up to lift the ban and it was not passed.

also MSM rules apply to transwomen in the USA bcuz theyre cissexist af

real, trans women need to stay a part of this narrative since by those outdated government standards we’re being treated as men (and this stupid ass outlaw is a leftover from the AIDS crisis, which also greatly affected trans women. something else to always keep in mind) but anyways it’s 100% because gay men and trans women are looked at like vectors of STI’s which just fits in snugly with society’s idea that LGBT ppl are sexual deviants and degenerates and they’d rather think that than let us contribute to the well-being of others.

ALSO it would look like this wouldn’t be a problem and you could just be spiteful and not give blood since they would treat you like shit, but following the Pulse shooting when a lot of victims would’ve needed blood transfusions, gay men and trans women were completely banned from donating to their friends and family affected. Victims would’ve had to rely entirely on extra-community support. It’s pretty obvious to see how the legislation would affect our ability to recover from tragedies like that.

Last I heard, the group with the fastest rising HIV infection rate were heterosexual women and I don’t see anybody Banning that.

I had sex with a man who had sex with a man, plus there is no test for prion diseases so they cant rule it out. Im a hoe who might have mad cow disease, they aren’t desperate enough for me yet.

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This is true. The director of Jeepers Creepers 3, Victor Salva, is a convicted child molester. He sexually assaulted a child while on the set of a movie he directed back in the 90s. He filmed the assault and was also charged with possession of child pornography. Don’t support this movie or give it a cent of your money. It’s already hard enough for sexual assault victims to come out with what happened, especially if their abuser has a lot of power and money. Don’t add on to the trend of forgiving celebrity rapists. STOP GIVING THESE MEN FREE PASSES. 

don’t scroll past this with a wave of the hand, this is 100% real.

(italics include links)

 aside from molesting a 12-year-old boy, this man admitted to oral sex with a child under fourteen and was also found guilty of having possession of child pornography (in the form of magazines and tapes) in his home.

salva made a sex tape of him and a minor (actually multiple sex tapes) where he both gave and received oral sex.

now, for some reason, child molester doesn’t elicit the type of outrage that i’d hope it would, so i’ll put it a different way. victor salva had sex with a minor, therefore he is a rapist. salva committed statutory rape, and he does not deserve to be breathing, much less have his movie watched.

FYI Nathan Forest Winters, the survivor of Victor Salva’s abuse, is trying to raise money to start a non profit organisation to help victims and survivors of child sex abuse

He only has 522$ raised so far. Even if you can’t donate i think it’s a campaign worth sharing and boosting. 

From the campaign page:

“my name is nathan forrest winters. i am a child sex abuse survivor. known for my role as casey in the 1987 horror film ‘clownhouse’ written and directed by victor salva known best for the films ‘powder’ and the ‘jeepers creepers’ series and being the man that sexually abused me for six years of my childhood. towards the end of ’87 salva was convicted of 5 counts of child molestation and sentenced to three years. of which he served a mere eighteen months at a treatment center in napa valley california. i am currently outlining a nation wide speaking tour at various key and pertinent venues to raise awareness, educate and provide information and tools to stop sexual child abuse at all levels. i am also in the beginning stages of starting a non-profit organization “we R their voice ” to be the voice for our children who virtually have none in our judicial system. to bring this epidemic out into the forefront. we as a whole in this country have been too afraid to face such an unspeakable topic and continue to turn a blind eye. which has allowed these predators of our children to go unchecked for too long. just a few of many disturbing facts is that every 98 seconds an american is sexually assaulted. every 8 minutes that victim is a child. meanwhile only 6 out of every 1,000 perpetrators is convicted. united victims and survivors, parents and children can make this world safer. education is prevention and the more light we shed on these darkest of crimes, the fewer shadows there will be for them to hide.”

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I love those OTP’s that are like

Reblog if you would read a book about a bunch of gay witches?


Just interested, cause that’s what I’m working on! Sapphic women are magic and how better to show it?

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This is the fuckin funniest thing I’ve read all day

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Ahh almost at 1 million notes now 😭😁

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I had no idea the backyard was this big.

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