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Let me be honest about Paisley.

I didn’t want her at first. She annoyed me on every level. I thought she was the dumbest dog I’d ever seen, and I’ve known some really hard to train animals.

I used to joke that it was lucky she was so cute and cuddly or she’d have nothing going for her.

But then I changed how I tried to train her. It was some post about learning disabilities and how people learn differently and it clicked for me. But only after a disgustingly long time. I should have known better. I should have known it sooner.

Triton is a working breed. He aims to please. He enjoys learning. He picked up four languages, hand signals, finger snaps, and whistle commands by 2. He trained himself to stop me from hurting myself while I was sleep walking. Triton is a fucking genius.

Paisley took six months to learn to lay down. She still struggles with stay.

Paisley is a weird mix of breeds. She’s stubborn. She’s reward oriented. She needs to be exercised first. But she’s loyal. Despite our rocky start she picked me as her human. She will lay on me when I’m sad or sick like she is going to crush the bad out of me.

I feel bad for the things I’ve said about her over the years. She just learns differently. But the stuff she likes to do? My videos today show she can be the best. How many dogs wait eagerly for their teeth to be brushed? Triton is hit or miss, he won’t let me every night. She won’t let me out of the bathroom until I brush hers.

She knows the sound of the cheese drawer means it’s learning time and tries so hard.

Basically, she’s a great dog and I love her.

And next time I get another dog, I’ll be a better owner because of her.

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