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Amazon Patents Wristband to Track Hand Movements of Warehouse Employees






What Amazon will probably say to justify this later:It’s so we can tell if one of our staff is stealing

What the article says it’s for:It vibrates or shocks employees if they sort the packaging wrong

What Amazon’s ulterior motive probably is: We can track the pace of their work and if they’re taking a few seconds too long or using their hands to wipe their sweaty brows, we bring it up at a performance review and will fire them for it. But remember that if you whine about this or demand better conditions/wages, we’ll just replace you with robots, so keep working you mindless and invasively-monitored drones

what the fuck kind of dystopian bullshit

OKAY SO normally I would save my comments for the tags but I have first hand experience working at an Amazon warehouse, and I just have some feelings about this especially as a former employee. They paid decently higher than other places I had worked, so I thought it would be worth it. It is not (I made 11/hr before taxes so like not even that much tbh). On the first day of training we were shown the robots. It was presented in a way that was like “wow look how cool these are ps if you fuck up always remember that you are replaceable with one of these.” Then we were taught how to sort packages. I’m a very very petite person, and there were some boxes that I could barely lift on my own but the supervisors basically stood around and watched as I struggled several feet with a box bigger than myself. It was only the other ‘lower level’ warehouse workers who helped, and one girl was the same size as me. We had legally mandated breaks, which they would often send us late to and call us back early from. On top of all this general poor treatment, if it was seeming too slow (this happened every single day before the big package rush btw) they’d send tons of people home so that they wouldn’t have to pay them. Of course then everyone left behind was stuck dealing with the rush that inevitably happened, but again management didn’t care because it saved them money to pay less people for more work. I got scolded and yelled at on the daily for not working fast enough or because I was carrying only one box at a time, even if it was a massive one. We were judged based on number of boxes scanned per hour, and I was like super slow at maybe 100 an hour I think?? Don’t really remember but most people did 200+ and so I got in trouble a lot. Anyway, TLDR, Amazon fucking sucks and they treat employees like garbage so this is definitely believable imho as a way to further dehumanize and control their workers.

This is why we unionize.

Look, folks.  I get how scary unionizing and strikes can be.  I’ve both been involved in unions and refused to cross pickets in my life.  Back when we had to fight this war the first time, violence regularly broke out against workers striking.  Even here where I live.

But that’s what we need to do.  It’s our turn to organize and fight for our rights. This is how we reclaim the country that has increasingly swung backwards to the days of moguls and dynasties.

We’ve been here before.  No kidding.  This?  This is nothing new.  Even 45, corrupt moron rich man, is nothing new in this world.  Bezos, mistreatment of workers, brutal hours and poor pay is nothing new.  Think industrial revolution.

The way we won then was by coming together and unionizing.  It was organizing and unfortunately, it was risking too. But don’t ever forget, we outnumber them.  We outnumber them even with the militarized police and even with their money, and somewhere deep down, they sure as hell know it.

Join a union.  Organize your workplace.  Fight back.  The robots are coming anyway, we might as well organize now so we’re ready to support each other and hold our politicians feet to the fires.

I’m a part of a union and I love it.

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